movies watched in 2012 → 20. dolphin tale (2011)

Just because you’re hurt doesn’t mean you’re broken.

"Some of the kids fell off the rainbow and went tumbling towards the sea. The parents were terrified that Hutash would be angry with them and let the children drown. But Hutash loved how they played. She took pity on them. The moment they hit the water, she turned them into dolphins… so they could play forever." (Dolphin Tale)

#SPN 10 countdown challenge  |  day 19 - episode 19, season 4
Dad didn’t have a choice with us, okay? But with Adam, he did.

‘Cause I’m wanted dead or alive!


disney challenge → [4/10] » tarzan

you came back. i came home

jerza week day 6

"I have a fiancee."
"Fiancee, huh? You always were lousy at lying."

If Game of Thrones was made by Disney…

Series created by Fernando Mendonça